Board Meeting, Minutes - January 27th, 2008

Chippewa Valley Civil Liberties Union

Board Meeting Minutes for 1/27/2008

Herrick & Hart SC Law Office, 116 Grand Ave., Eau Claire

Present: Myron Buchholz, Jeremy Gragert (presiding), Ann Heywood, Warren Lang, Mildred Larson, Bob Nowlan, Nicholas Passell, David Rice.

Absent: Geri Segal

1. Jeremy called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m..

2. Introductions followed, including three guests–Cory Hilber, Dayne Haberle, and Aaron Brewster, all UW-EC students interested in forming a student ACLU group on campus.

3. Mildred moved that the minutes from the last meeting be approved. Minutes were accepted as emailed.

4. Nick reported a balance on hand of $338.82 in the CVCLU checking account and 5.01 in the savings account. Ann asked for a detailed account of income and outgo in order to have a clear record of what fundraisers involve, what rebates we get and when and for whom, etc. and a standard form for all future reports. Nick agreed. We discussed finances of a campus chapter and whether there was money in any account there. Bob reported there are no leftover funds from previous campus ACLU activities, but he recommends that the students ask for funding from the university. Aaron asked about getting membership lists. Mildred explained that new membership data sharing policies are being developed. Ann will send Aaron our local CVCLU board contact information. We discussed further ideas about how the student chapter should organize.

5. Jeremy led discussion about preparations for Anthony Romero’s forum presentation on February 7. He proposed separate sign-up tables outside the Council Fires Room for the students and for adults. Stacy Harbaugh, ACLU staff from Madison, will bring materials and membership forms. Ann will ask about getting updated membership forms since our current ones have outdated information. Ann will bring “Join ACLU” buttons. Nick suggested having a “Please join ACLU today” sign for the tables. Publicity so far includes 800 cards mailed out from a university account. Mildred will appear on community TV on January 28 to discuss the forum and the pre forum reception. The Unitarians will have an announcement next Sunday. The UW-EC will advertise in the Leader-Telegram and the Spectator. Warren has publicized on several elists in Menomonie, including The Red Cedar Peace Initiative, and has talked to several Menomonie area lawyers. David Rice will contact lawyers in the Eau Claire area. Ann will email information to our members about the forum as well as our new website update.

6. Ann reported that Dan Freund has worked on our website–transferring from our old website and adding updates that Ann supplied for him. The new URL isand our site includes information about Romero’s visit.

7. We discussed what the new ACLU campus group will do. Will it work as an official campus chapter or as a “Student Alliance”? Aaron will contact Emilio De Torre, state ACLU youth coordinator, for information and help. We discussed issues to motivate student involvement ranging from local issues to state and national issues like the Patriot Act, death penalty, incarceration policies, use of tasers, as well as history of the ACLU, forum presentations related to civil liberties, and students rights. Bob commented on copyright issues and expense, especially as pertains to showing films, on the pressure of of part-time workers to self-censor, and on pressures on academic freedom. Aaron suggested having lunch meetings perhaps twice a month on various topics. Bob urged getting a certain infrastructure in place so that the campus group can survive the eventual departure of the present activists. Ann suggested a major event once a year or once a semester.

8. Myron reported observations about the holiday concert at Memorial. He observed there was a heavy emphasis on Christmas music, and he did not recall that foreign language songs were included, nor was there a program that explained curricular purposes as has been customary for some years. He did not have a program for our records, however.

9. Mildred asked if any board members are planning to go to the annual Bill of Rights celebration in Milwaukee on February 16. She and Ann pointed out the energizing value of this event as well as the general ACLU Membership Conference coming up June 8 – 11 in Washington, D.C. Jeremy thought his schedule might make it possible for him to attend the event in Milwaukee. Mildred moved (David seconded) paying the $100 ticket for his meal at the event if he can go. Motion carried.

10. The next board meeting is set for March 2 at David’s law office.

11. Meeting adjourned at 9:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Heywood, secretary