Board Meeting, Minutes - July 10th, 2016

Meeting Minutes from 7/10/16

Law Office of Hart and Herrick

Present: Dr. David Shih, David Rice, Paul Wagner, Myron Buchholz, Lindsey Brandrup (recording)

Absent: Ann Heywood, Mildred Larson, Marni Kaiser, Sara Thielen,

Call to Order at 6:31 pm.

  1. Minutes from 5-15-16 were approved as sent.

1.5. Treasurer’s Report—$150.00 was sent to the ACLU-WI Foundation for the Dr. Taman Memorial. Report approved by Board.

  1. Development of a CVCLU brochure: The desire is to focus on the local efforts of our chapter as well as providing a general overview of what the ACLU does. Paul and David R. agreed to work towards finding out what materials are offered by the state and how we might supplement them.

  2. Multicultural Affairs Update: No updates at this time; this item may be removed from the agenda.

  3. General Publicity for CVCLU—The state recommends keeping the Facebook page closed; however, events can be “opened.” Beverely Wichstrom was the original creator and should be contacted to update “administrators.” A suggestion was made for all Board members to serve as administrators and to make the group open with the understanding that the Board would check regularly for any trolling. A review of other publicity opportunities in the past includes Senior Americans Day, Pridefest, Fighting Bobfest, and Banned Books Week.

  4. Membership Recruitment Efforts—David R., Ann, and Mildred are still working on this endeavor.

  5. Next Board Candidate List: Review of Candidate Term Timelines

Need to fill 3 3-year positions and 1 1-year position:

Dr. Taman (through 2018)

Myron (2016) Sara (2016) David R (2016)

Other term timelines

Ann (2017) Marnie (2017)

Mildred (2018) Lindsey (2018) David Shih (2018) Paul (2018)

  1. Fall Meeting Program—Several ideas were discussed. Several topical threads were the use of technology to protest (the ACLU’s app for recording police was discussed; Wisconsin currently does not have this app). Another topic was a collaborative discussion between ECPD and representatives, spokespeople for BLM. A third suggestion was a focus on Voting Rights. The group decided to continue this discussion through email.

  2. Old/New Business

Lindsey is still working with the National ACLU re: maternity leave.

Paul will be absent for the next two meetings—teaching in New Zealand.

David S. will take over the secretarial duties at the next meeting.

  1. The next meeting will take place at 6:30 pm at the Law Office of Herrick and Hart on 9/11.

  2. The meeting adjourned at 7:32 pm.