Board Meeting, Minutes - September 9th, 2017


Meeting of the CVCLU Board

Unitarian Universalist Church, 421 South Farwell St., Eau Claire

September 9, 2017

Present: Ann Heywood (chair), Anna Leffel, Teresa O’Halloran, Mildred Larson, David Shih, John Wiltrout

Absent: Mohammad Alasagheirin , Kailee Berg, Lindsey Brandrup, Myron Buchholz, Paul Wagner

1. Chair Heywood called the meeting to order at 5:39 pm.

2. The minutes of the CVCLU Board meeting of August 13, 2017 were approved with the following corrections:

a. Item #4: Molly McGrath will be speaking at the Citizen Engagement Summit on Nov. 12

b. Item #5: the alleged sexual assault happened in town and not on campus

c. Item #7: Teresa wants to work with Anna on starting a student group and will find out the process

d. Item #13: omit the word “motion”

2. The Board discussed the Treasurer’s report.

a. There was a credit of $50 (anonymous donor). The checking balance is $1160.79. Savings balance is $5.01.

b. Myron Buchholz resigned from the office of Treasurer for health reasons.

c. Mildred made a motion that John Wiltrout serve out Myron’s term as Treasurer. David seconded. The motion was approved without dissent.

3. The Board discussed Old Business.

a. Teresa: no update on alleged sexual assault of UW-EC student.

b. Teresa: no update on forming an ACLU student alliance.

c. The Board discussed plans for the CVCLU Annual Meeting. It will be held on Thursday, Nov. 2 at 6:00 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church.

6:00 Chapter annual meeting & 50th anniversary celebration with light hor d’ouevres; noms/elec, bylaws, history, questions/suggestions (ask how they would like to participate)

7:00 State meeting

7:30 Program on ACLU activity since November 2016

Anna will help Ann write the history of the chapter (for the 50th anniversary celebration).

Mildred will contact an archivist for guidance on what to keep from the ACLU papers.

David will have ballot and questionnaire ready by meeting date.

Ann will ask Emilio for a topic and a title for the program.

Ann reported that Emilio et al. want something to do on Friday following the annual meeting. The Board decided that the activity will be Board training.

Ann will write an email to board to agree on a time for Board training on that Friday.

The newsletter with information on the Annual Meeting needs to be out no later than the middle of October.

4. The Board discussed nominations for the Board.

a. Teresa: Selika Ducksworth-Lawton is interested in running for the Board.

b. It is unclear whether Mohammad wants to run for a full term.

c. Kailee’s position on the Board will be classified as an appointment rather than as an elected position.

d. The Board discussed the possibility of students holding 2-year terms.

e. People on the ballot for election/reelection this year: Mohammad (?), Ann, Selika (new).

5. Teresa presented edits to the chapter bylaws. Mildred proposed suggestions, which were approved. Teresa will make the edits and send them to Ann.

Mildred made a motion that the revised bylaws and amendments be approved. John seconded. The motion was approved without dissent.

6. Ann: no update on student intern help for the newsletter.

7. The Board discussed New Business.

a. There will be a committee to plan food for the Annual Meeting. Mildred volunteered. Ann will email a request for help to the Board.

b. The Board decided to table a discussion of a committee for advertising until next meeting.

c. John will contact Lindsey to follow up on getting a booth at the Citizen Engagement Summit on November 12.

d. There is a state ACLU Bill of Rights celebration on November 8 in Milwaukee.

8. Meeting adjourned at 7:02 pm. The next meeting will be October 8 at 5:30 pm at the UUC.

Respectfully submitted,

David Shih