Board Meeting, Minutes - June 14th, 2020


ACLU of Wisconsin Chippewa Valley Chapter

Meeting of the Board of Directors

June 14, 2020

Virtual meeting via Zoom technology

Board members present: Lindsey Brandrup, Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, Ann Francis, Ann Heywood, Mildred Larson, Kelle Moran, Elsa Murray, Teresa O’Halloran, David Shih, Paul Wagner, Eliza Wiegel, John Wiltrout.

Board members absent: Pa Thao, LJ Wells

1. The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m.

2. The minutes from the May 10, 2020 meeting were approved as corrected. The correct name for our organization should be ACLU of Wisconsin Chippewa Valley Chapter.

3. Treasurer's Report: John noted that there was no change in our balances: $5.01 in savings account, $1035.46 in checking account.

4. Discussion with Chippewa Falls High School students.

A graduate of Chippewa Falls High School described a series of events over the past several years that have created a hostile environment for students of color. A group of alumni and others drafted a recent letter, sent by email to Chippewa Falls Area United School District (CFAUSD) administration. After discussion of several alternatives, the board agreed that one or several board members could participate in future discussions with CFAUSD staff. Further details will be worked out through email and/or other communication.

5. Ad Hoc Committees Update (Beer & BOR, etc.)

Beer & Bill of Rights. The subcommittee of Paul, David, and Lindsey thought we should reconsider the format. The board discussed ideas that will have the most impact. We liked the idea of doing an event for our membership, with discussions about what is on peoples’ minds and also informing members of what we are doing on current issues. Selika offered that we could use a Zoom / Facebook Live format. Mildred said it would help to have some presentations. At a recent national ACLU event, Anthony Romero did a round robin of experts and then opened the floor, with questions moderated and aggregated. We are looking at end of July to mid-August for the timeframe.

6. Standing Committees Update (SWAG, Communications, etc.)

Communications: Kelle will update the Instagram with Juneteenth invites.

7. Affiliations Update (One Read Eau Claire, etc.)

Selika asked if we can co-sponsor Juneteenth. Teresa moved & John seconded motion to cosponsor Juneteenth. The board discussed the schedule of events for the virtual Juneteenth event. Motion carried unanimously.

The Pride – virtual day was June 11, and we did not participate.

8. John provided an update on his interactions with the Chippewa Falls Police department. John was provided with a police report, and the officer answered his questions.

John wrote a letter to the chief and said we were satisfied, but suggested that in the future they could spend more time explaining to the people in the first place what had happened.

9. ACLU in Action at UU Congregation on June 28 (Mildred)

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation asked us to do a program on ACLU in action. David, Selika and Mildred will do this on Sunday June 28. Mildred will see if there is any Facebook publicity that can be shared to the ACLU page.

10. Revisiting canceled events (Kelle)

· Pride had been canceled and we missed the reboot yesterday.

· One Read is coming back in July – Notes of an Undocumented Citizen will be the book.

· Juneteenth is on, as discussed in item 7.

· We are looking at an event that will replace the Beer and Bill of Rights as discussed in item 5.

11. Facebook and Free Speech (Mildred). This item was tabled.

12. Old business (see item #8, #10 from 5/10 Minutes)

Mildred’s letter on ACLU in action – Mildred said it is ready for Facebook, and David will post.

13. New business

Selika asked that we talk at a future meeting about an everyday racism event with Uniting Bridges.

14. Motion to adjourn by Paul, seconded by Ann H. Meeting adjourned at 6:32.