Board Meeting, Minutes - September 2nd, 2009

Chippewa Valley Civil Liberties Union

Board Meeting Minutes for 9.2.09

David Rice office, Eau Claire

Present: Myron Buchholz, Ann Heywood, Mildred Larson, Nicholas Passell, David Rice.

Absent: Shu Cheng, Eleanor Wolf. Tom Ahrens has resigned from the board.

1. David called the meeting to order at 6:50 p.m. after 20 minutes informal discussion of the Jason Zunker Memorial situation in Chippewa Falls.

2. The minutes were accepted as previously distributed by email.

3. Nick distributed the treasurer’s report with a balance of $236.32 in checking and $5.01 in savings at RCU: no change since last meeting. Angie Vasquez from state has not yet reported to Nick about rebates due. He will request again.

4. We discussed the wording of a dissolution clause for our CVCLU Bylaws (as requested by state and not because we are likely to dissolve any time soon) to be voted on at the annual meeting.

Article IX Dissolution

At a duly called meeting with at least two months advance notice to membership, the CVCLU may be dissolved by an affirmative vote of 2/3 members present. Upon dissolution the assets and interests of the CVCLU will be transferred to the ACLU-WI.

5. CVCLU history: Ann reported a conversation with Roger Tlusty about CVCLU records from the first president, Tom Barth. Annsuggested that the time is right to try to collect records and write a history of our group, which was founded in the 1960’s. Roger also suggested that a history major at UWEC might welcome the project to meet a graduation requirement. David will contact Leonard Gambrell, another founding member, about his recollections. Ann will contact Harry Harder, former secretary to try to locate lost records. And the upcoming newsletter could include a notice about locating records. Further discussion opened the idea of widening the research topic to a history of civil liberties in the Chippewa Valley. Ann will call Kate Lang, chair of the UWEC History Department to discuss getting the project idea out to students.

6. Annual meeting and program: We identified and discussed details of the upcoming meeting.

• Panelists will include Pam Gardow, Memorial HS librarian; Leah Langby, children/young adult librarian for the Indianhead Federated Library; and Laura Emir, ACLU-WI Development Director. David will contact Tim Adler to speak from the parent’s perspective. Other candidates, if Tim declines, are Gretchen Peters or Tim Lang, to be contacted by Mildred. Mildred will also contact Laura about being prepared to make comments about the work of the ACLU-WI at the annual meeting.

• David will send Ann the annual CVCLU activity summary for the newsletter.

• We have three candidates for the board. Mildred will send Ann a bio for the newsletter. Dan Perkins has sent his bio. Stephanie Turner has yet to respond to the request for bio.

• Nick presented options for our fundraiser/dinner at Draganetti’s. We chose choice of three entrée’s—lasagna, eggplant parmesan, and veal cannelloni. Cost will be $30 per person to include gratuities, tax, dessert, but not beverages. Reservations will be sent to Nick; email requested too.

• Nick will check on the possibility of doing a bulk mailing.

• We will meet at Drag’s at 5:30 on September 30. The annual meeting will be at the Altoona Public Library at 6:45. The Banned Books Panel presentation will begin at 7:30.

• Ann will get the newsletter prepared and Myron will take care of getting it to the printer, putting on labels and stamps, and posting. Other board members may assist in this task. Ann has requested mailing labels from state.

• Newsletter should go out at our earliest convenience.

7. Jason Zunker memorial: Since the Chippewa County Building and Grounds Committee has voted unanimously to disallow the center stone of the memorial on the courthouse grounds, we are satisfied with the outcome. Ann and Shu sent letters to the editor in support of the committee’s action, but the letters did not appear in the Leader Telegram as hoped. Ann will forward her letter to David who will rewrite as needed and send a CVCLU letter to the B and G Committee supporting their vote.

8. Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

To Do:

All members:

Review minutes and report suggestions or approval to Ann.


Discuss CVCLU history with Leonard Gambrell.

Contact Tim Adler about being on the panel.

Send Ann an annual CVCLU activity report for newsletter.

Send approving letter to the Chippewa County Building and Grounds Committee.


Call Harry Harder to track down lost records

Put notice about our seeking old CVCLU records in the newsletter.

Call Kate Lang about history project.

Prepare annual newsletter master sheet.

Prepare ballots for annual meeting.


Check on bulk mailing possibilities.

Check again with Angie at state about rebates.

Notify Draganetti’s about our specific reservations a few days ahead of the meeting.


Take care of getting newsletter printed, labeled, and mailed.


Send bio to Ann for newsletter.

Notify Laura Emir about opportunity to address members at the annual meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Heywood, secretary