Board Meeting, Minutes - June 9th, 2013

Chippewa Valley Civil Liberties Union

Board Meeting Minutes for June 9, 2013

Herrick and Hart Law Office, Grand Ave., Eau Claire

Present: Sara Adams, Myron Buchholz, Shu Cheng, Ann Heywood, Anna Lane, Mildred Larson, Alida Markgraf, Nicholas Passell, David Rice, Stephanie Turner (presiding),

Absent: Collin Hawkins, Chris Jorgenson, Paul Wagner

  1. Stephanie called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

  2. The minutes of the February 10 meeting were approved as emailed. Ann suggested posting the notes from the April 7 meeting on the website. They will be labeled as a non-quorum meeting. Those minutes were approved. The board agreed that in the future, Ann will email the minutes and set a deadline for responses so that the minutes of each meeting can be posted on the website in a timely manner rather than waiting until the next meeting. Formal approval will occur at the next meeting.

  3. David distributed the May bank statement and the 2012-2013 financial report to state. The 2012-2013 report shows that our income from our September 20, 2012, fund-raising event was $180.55.

In February there was a deposit of $60 for membership rebates. The May statement shows a payment of $30.00 for reserving a room at the public library and a current balance of $1207.04. Current savings is $5.01, unchanged since previous report. Report was approved.

  1. Ann emailed the state board report and newly revised Regional Chapter Guidelines on Saturday. We discussed the guidelines and are satisfied that they suit us. Ann reported that our chapter is among the most active around the state. She asked for ideas to encourage more engagement from members around the state to share with the state board as they meet to develop the next three-year strategic plan on August 10. Perhaps the ACLU could arrange some local “Let’s Talk” sessions like the one we recently did at the library. Please email other ideas to Ann before the August meeting.

  2. Anna and Alida reported on the activities of Memorial’s Gay/Straight Alliance. A GSA Awareness Day with short presentations in English classes and a table in the cafeteria with free Freezies and information was cancelled by Principal Oldenburg the day before the event. Mr. Oldenburg has usually been very supportive, and Mr. Mabis is an enthusiastic advisor, so the problems look to be solvable. Next year the GSA Awareness presentations will be held in the Little Theater. Myron will talk with Mr. Mabis to get a little more background about the situation, but the board does not feel we need to take any other supportive action at this time.

The April 19 Day of Silence was successful, with likely several supporters in most classes. About 20 students attended the film showing of Philadelphia.

  1. Stephanie called for brainstorming ideas for our next annual meeting. Topics suggested included surveillance, reproductive rights, the Affordable Care Act and reproductive restrictions, and other related issues. Nick asked about exploring the idea of health care as a civil right. Stephanie, Nick, Mildred, and Ann will meet to develop a plan. Others are certainly welcome. Mildred suggested including the new Communications Director, Sarah Karon, in our plans.

  2. Sara reported on latest activity on the drone ordinance. Andrew Werthman will be asking to have the ordinance put on the City Council agenda soon. Since new councilman Eric Larson has voiced support, Werthman will ask him to co-sponsor. Over 60 signatures of support on our petition have been gathered so far and we will still seek to get more; then Stephanie will send the petition to the council members. Stephanie and Sara volunteered to speak at the council hearing. Mildred suggested getting help from Sarah Karon too. Sara will send out a press release at the time of the petition goes to the council members. Sara mentioned that the ordinance has been review by national ACLU’s Allie Bohm, Advocacy & Policy Strategist.

  3. The board evaluated the recent, new “ACLU: Let’s Talk” event at the public library. Stephanie was pleased with the presentations and engagement of the audience, and she thanked those who brought refreshments. About 14 people attended. Small turnout may have been affected by the suddenly lovely weather outside. Publicity included email to membership, Facebook page post, and Volume I. Next year we should choose an earlier date, and board members could make personal phone invitations to five or ten friends.

  4. Stephanie will check on what may be happening for the next Pridefest, probably to be held in August.

  5. We discussed the membership status of board members who have missed several meetings. Is it their intention to be active? A large board with many absences makes it difficult to have a quorum. People who want to attend occasionally are welcome but do not need to be on the board. We need a minimum of nine. Stephanie will check with Colin Hawkins and Chris Jorgenson. Sara Adams reported that she will be resigning later this year as she takes a job in the Quad Cities, and Anna Lane will take a leave of absence in the fall as she does a semester in Germany.

  6. The next meeting will be August 18 at David’s office.

  7. The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

To do:

All: Stay tuned for City Council hearing on drones; attend and speak if possible. Stay tuned for Pridefest details; volunteer for our table if possible.

Stephanie: Send petitions to City Council. Check on Pridefest details. Call meeting to plan annual meeting.

Stephanie, Mildred, Nick, Ann: Plan annual meeting program.

Myron: talk to Mr. Mabis about the GSA background.