Board Meeting, Minutes - January 17th, 2021


ACLU of Wisconsin Chippewa Valley Chapter

Meeting of the Board of Directors

January 17, 2020

Virtual meeting via Zoom technology

Board members present: Lopa Basu, Lindsey Brandrup, Ann Francis, Kirby Harless, Mildred Larson, Kelle Moran, Elsa Murray, Teresa O’Halloran, David Shih, Paul Wagner, and John Wiltrout.

Board members absent: Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, Pa Thao, Eliza Wiegel, LJ Wells

Guests: Ann Heywood (past president)

1. The meeting was called to order at 5:04.

2. Minutes accepted with slight revision to paragraph 2

3. John gave the treasurer’s report. The state of WI ACLU reimbursed the cost of our newsletter mailing ($888.18). New balances are: Savings $ 5.01, checking $1,310.46.

As for charges for our web presence, Paul reported we will keep our website with SiteGround using Wordpress through the end of this year, but we should look for something non-commercial or more economical.

4. The board discussed a potential response to violence at the Capitol last week.

· Should we do a statement, Larry Dupuis was quoted in the Journal/Sentinel.

· How to communicate with people who can fall prey to conspiracy theories

· Would want to focus on the civil liberties dimension if we did a statement

· Use National’s statement to write letter to editor? Mildred will send a draft of this.

· We will keep in touch via email throughout the week as to a potential communication to local police leads on protecting our police from being prey to conspiracy theories, etc.

5. The board discussed our high school student members. Elsa is a junior, she will email David if she wants to continue next year. David will reach out to LJ and Eliza to see what year they are and whether they would like to continue with us. We will continue to pay membership fees for HS students.

6. The board discussed our 2021 priorities, continued from last month’s discussion.

· Voting rights.

· Racial justice

· Criminal justice system reform

· Police accountability. We will maintain our relationship with local police agencies, to hold them accountable. We will reach out to local police chief Matt Rokus – what about events of capitol, what about local hate orgs, are they aware of them, have they done any planning around how to prevent local problems/attacks? Do our local politicians feel safe? Has local law enforcement reached out to those public figures who live here, and for gatherings of politicians such as local school board and councils, and county board?

7. Ad Hoc Committee / Standing Committees / Affiliations Update

· The board agreed that the nominations ad hoc committee will be disbanded until it reconvenes in the fall.

· Paul will reach out before next meeting to membership list committee (Paul, David, Teresa, Pa)

8. Old business

· Free speech and yard signs – follow up, Altoona’s restrictive yard sign ordinance has been interpreted in favor of signs being displayed, so the free expression concern is resolved. The board agrees that no further action is necessary on our part.

· David reached out to the person who had contacted him to ask about labor law concern. John had recommended that David ask the person to put the concerns in writing for further assistance. David has not heard back since making the request for the additional information.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 6:35.