Board Meeting, Minutes - May 2nd, 2021


ACLU of Wisconsin Chippewa Valley Chapter

Meeting of the Board of Directors

May 2, 2021

Virtual meeting via Zoom technology

Board members present: Lindsey Brandrup, Kirby Harless, Mildred Larson, Kelle Moran, Teresa O’Halloran, David Shih, Pa Thao, Paul Wagner, and John Wiltrout.

Board members absent: Lopa Basu, Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, Ann Francis, and Elsa Murray.

Visitors: Ann Heywood

1. The meeting was called to order at 5:05.

2. The minutes from the April 11, 2021 meeting were approved with amendments.

3. John gave the treasurer's report. There has been no activity. Balances are savings: $5.01 and checking: $1,112.63.

4. Paul led the board in discussion of the development of our membership list and our future use of a printed newsletter.

· No ability to effectively get names from lists from national/state

· Paul says we should start by making an email list

· Use national list to send out paper mail?

· Should we continue to do newsletters in US mail?

· Rough estimate maybe half of national’s addresses are current - Alyssa at state said there are 750 or so on the list

· It is not a priority of ours to make sure people are paid up for their memberships

· Put newsletters on website and will mail to some or all, possibly having state do a mailing for us as they have in the past. If so , we will consider asking state to do return receipt requested. That way they can clean up their list.

· We will consider using mail chimp for possible email lists and/or google forms for collecting information.

· David will check in with Chris Ott about our plan

5. The board decided that we would try to do the student appointment process at about this time of year for our student members. The board discussed student membership applications.

David moved and Paul seconded the two new student members, and they were unanimously approved by the board. David will reach out for to new student members and we anticipate that they will join our June meeting

6. The board discussed reaching out to the new City/County Eau Claire EDI Coordinator position. David will reach out to ask her to join a board meeting.

7. Discussion of Chippewa Valley Equality Initiative affiliation. Board members discussed affiliation briefly and tabled the matter until next meeting.

8. Old business

The board discussed a Chippewa Falls High School teacher, who is still on suspension and the Menomonie HS teacher who had been at the center of the conflict several years ago around their discussions of the book I am Malala who has now been targeted for layoff.

9. Announcements

· Molly Collins leaving state ACLU for Lung Association job

· Mildred sent in the nomination for Pa, talks about her contributions

11. The meeting was adjourned at 6:40.