Board Meeting, Minutes - March 12th, 2017

MINUTES – approved

Meeting of the CVCLU Board

Little Niagara Room, UW-Eau Claire

March 12, 2017

Present: Ann Heywood (chair), Lyndsey Brandrup, Myron Buchholz, Mildred Larson, Anna Leffel, Teresa O’Halloran, David Shih, Paul Wagner, David Edwardson (guest), Mohammad AlaSagheirin (guest), John Wiltrout (guest), Mildred Wiltrout (guest)

  1. Chair Heywood called the meeting to order at 6:36 pm.

  1. The minutes of the CVCLU Board meeting of February 12, 2017 were approved with the following corrections: correct the number of items (two #5s and two #8s), name of the Facebook group.

  1. The Board discussed Ann Heywood’s letter to Dunn County DA and was satisfied that the letter addressed its concerns regarding the possibility of the Alnahdi murder being a hate crime. Ann’s letter to DA will add a line requesting information about the possibility of adding this charge.

  1. Myron Buchholz presented the Treasurer’s report. There were two credits (two anonymous donations of $50 each) and one debit ($75 for a booth at Senior Americans Day). The Board approved the report without dissent. Our current checking balance is 782.08 and 5.01 in savings.

  1. Teresa O’Halloran presented the Nomination Committee report. She reported that the bylaws stipulate that the size of the board must be at least 9 members. The Board expressed desire to add additional members before the October general meeting. The Board discussed related topics: why aren’t Board members recruited from within; state ACLU membership tripling in the past year (to 18K); the benefits of a spring mailer; emphasizing the benefit of nomination from the floor during general meeting. The Nomination Committee did not put forward a candidate.

Myron Buchholz moved that Mohammad AlaSagheirin be appointed to the Board; Mildred seconded. Myron had had recruited him to attend the last board meeting in anticipation of joining. The motion was approved without dissent.

  1. Myron Buchholz presented the Membership Committee report. The Membership Committee met on February 20 in Chippewa Falls. He contacted many student groups about the Resistance Training.

The Board discussed the legal observer training. Mildred reported no contact from Emilio deTorre. Suggestions from the Board and guests included: bring in Emilio to coincide with Resistance Training meeting; schedule legal observer training to coincide with Science March on Earth Day; hold it during the fall instead of spring.

Lyndsey Brandrup asked if there is another way to get the training before the fall, before mid-May. Lyndsey Brandrup, Teresa O’Halloran, Mohammad AlaSagheirin, and David Edwardson will organize. (David Edwardson volunteered to coordinate).

  1. The Board discussed the new CVCLU Brochure. The Board agreed that it will make edits to the photos. The university print shop will print the brochures at a cost of $0.70 apiece. The initial print run will be 100.

Teresa O’Halloran moved to authorize funds for printing the brochure; Myron Buchholz seconded. The motion was approved without dissent.

  1. John Wiltrout reported on his meeting with local law enforcement officials. Board members are invited to attend the regional police chiefs meeting at CVTC. The Chippewa Falls Chief of Police expressed willingness to talk to the board and asked the Board for advice on recruiting diverse troops. The Chippewa County Sheriff’s office and the Menomonie PD did not respond. The Board discussed whether to use the People Power 9 points as a basis for conversations. There are 10 people signed up to meet with Jerry Staniszewski, the Chief of the Eau Claire PD. Teresa O’Halloran suggested meeting with the UW-Eau Claire and UW-Stout PDs. David Edwardson sent a message to UW-Eau Claire Chancellor Schmidt about the university PD, and they will meet with him this week.

  1. The Board discussed a local student’s request for anti-censorship help at her school. Ann Heywood reported that she wrote to and talked with the principal, but she has no update on the outcome other than that the school’s principal is willing to work with the student. Lyndsey Brandrup asked if any guidelines exist for what is acceptable. Anna Leffel will forward the email that solicited senior quotations to Ann Heywood.

  1. The Board discussed the Resistance Training event. John handed out 15 membership applications. The goal is to develop active groups to fight for civil liberties. The trainers want participants to focus on immigration for a first project. Actions can include meeting with local law enforcement and discussing the ACLU 9 Model Policies and Rules. Mildred Larson distributed three handouts to the Board. David Edwardson suggested publicizing Resistance Training meetings via the CVCLU Facebook group. David Edwardson, David Shih, and Paul Wagner will work on the moderation policy for the Facebook group. An attendee requested the Know Your Rights cards in Spanish. Events can be sponsored by the University’s LGBTQ/Women’s org. Mildred Larson will check on getting room for the April 1, 2017 meeting, to be scheduled for 1:00 pm.

  1. Ann Heywood reported on the Eau Claire Area School District Non-Discrimination for Immigration Status resolution. Mildred Larson suggested that the Board send a letter to the ECASD congratulating them on the policy.

  1. The Board continued its discussion of racial profiling on campus. Mildred Wiltrout suggested a campus poster campaign asking people if they have experienced discrimination on campus. Paul Wagner suggested that this item be tabled until the next meeting.

  1. Ann Heywood reported that there is nothing to add to the State Board report distributed by email.

  1. The next meeting of the Board will take place at Mildred Larson’s home, 215 Roosevelt, on April 9, 2017 at 6:30 pm.

  1. David Shih moved to adjourn; Mohammad AlaSagheirin seconded. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

David Shih