Board Meeting, Minutes - November 17th, 2019

CVCLU Board Meeting.

November 17, 2019, 5:00 pm

Unitarian Universalist Church, 421 South Farwell St., Eau Claire

Present: Ann Francis, Ann Heywood Mildred N. Larson, Kelle Moran, David Shih, Pa Thao, Paul J. Wagner, John Wiltrout

Absent: Lindsey Brandrup, Selika Ducksworth-Lawton

1. The meeting was called to order at 5:05 pm

2. President Ann Heywood welcomed new members Ann Francis and Kelle Moran.

3. The board approved the minutes from the September 8 meeting.

4. John Wiltrout gave the October treasurer’s report. No activity in October, checking and savings balances 852.81 and 5.01, respectively. Mildred moved and Pa seconded motion to approve report, the board unanimously approved.

5. The board discussed the idea of donating some of our balance to a cause that is consistent with ACLU/CVCLU mission, similar to last year’s contribution to national ACLU immigrant rights efforts. The board tabled this discussion.

6. Ann Heywood mentioned that we may want to spend some money on updating the newsletter template. The board briefly discussed the newsletter, then tabled the discussion.

7. John moved that the President be permitted to spend up to $50 with the agreement of the Treasurer, with expenses exceeding this amount still subject to board approval. Teresa seconded, unanimously approved.

8. David Shih gave the WI/ACLU state board report.

9. Election of officers:

a. President. Ann Heywood explained the role of President, and David Shih volunteered that he would be amenable to a nomination for President. Mildred moved that David Shih be elected President, John seconded, and the board unanimously approved.

b. Vice President. Paul stated he was willing to serve as Vice President. Teresa moved that Paul be elected Vice President, Mildred seconded, and the board unanimously approved.

c. Secretary. Teresa stated she was willing to serve as Secretary. Pa moved that Teresa be elected Secretary, Paul seconded, and the board unanimously approved.

d. Treasurer. John stated that he was willing to serve as Treasurer. David moved that John be elected Treasurer, Paul seconded, and the board unanimously approved.

10. The board discussed the student representative application and recruitment process. Kelle and Ann Francis both have connections and ideas for nominations of local high school students and agreed to form a subcommittee to update the application and recruit applicants for student representative.

11. The board discussed the November 7, 2019, annual meeting and program. The board was impressed with the panel and with David’s skill in facilitating the panel. The board discussed better use of email, newsletter, and social media to promote future meetings and programs.

12. The board discussed accessibility pursuant to a conversation Ann Heywood had with Kathie Schneider; in particular, accommodations for the blind. The board agreed it should be aware of accessibility issues. Paul is going to look into Wordpress for the website.

13. The board discussed its intention to celebrate the anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment in 2020. The board discussed potential collaborators, including the League of Women Voters.

14. The board confirmed its intention to table at Uniting Bridges’ MLK Day celebration. David will check on what materials WI/ACLU may have that we can distribute.

15. The board tabled the topic of goals for next year.

16. The meeting was adjourned at 6:37.