Board Meeting, Minutes - September 8th, 2019


Meeting of the CVCLU Board

Unitarian Universalist Church, 421 South Farwell St., Eau Claire

September 8, 2019

Present: Ann Heywood (chair), John Wiltrout, Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, David Shih, Lindsey Brandrup, Mildred Larson

1. Chair Heywood called the meeting to order at 5:04 pm.

2. The minutes of the July 14 meeting were approved as corrected:

· add Abby Green’s name to #7

· Lindsey’s name is misspelled in #9

3. John presented the Treasurer’s Report. The Chapter received:

· $30 from State ACLU for membership rebate

· $150 donation from Beer & Bill of Rights

· $40 donation from Pride event (not from Larsons – John will correct); no expenses from event

· $852.81 in checking account (after $220 credit); $5.01 in savings account

4. Selika presented the State Board Report. She will communicate to State Board:

· Student ACLU organization up to 25 students

· Students will work with CVCLU archives on academic project

· Students want trainings for protests/legal observer (maybe for November)

5. The Board discussed the Beer & Bill of Rights events at the Brewing Projekt. Comments included:

· Not as crowded or hot a space as Lazy Monk but acoustics not as good and event can’t grow

· Mildred reported that Lazy Monk is willing to open the whole floor for another event

· The Pablo is a possibility but event must be catered

· The Board will continue looking for new space

· Donations and sign-ups from the event were good

6. Ann reported on Abby Green’s experiences at the Summer Institute:

· not quite as exciting as last time

· staff not quite as prepared for repeat attendees and need a new angle

· ACLU should advertise an application process in high schools

Lindsey knows a student at Memorial who might be a good candidate for Board membership. The Board discussed how a student from each high school in Eau Claire (maybe Chippewa Falls HS) would be ideal

7. The Board discussed plans for Fall program and meeting.

· Potential speakers include Cheryl Thiede from the Options Fund (Mildred will call), Sarah Thielen,,Stephanie Roe, Dana Wachs (Selika will call), Chris Ott, A student

· Topics might include abortion, birth control, religion and reproductive rights, abstinence-only curricula

· Lindsey will email Jim Schmidt (cc:ing Selika and Ann)

· Selika will email ECASD sex ed standards to the Board

· Mildred will find out about using space for child care; Lindsey will find out about other issues (check with Pa)

· Possible dates include 11/5, 11/6, 11/7 at the UU Congregation

· Meeting and meal downstairs at 6:00; program at 7:00

· Title of program would be something along the lines of “The State of Reproductive Freedom”

8. Ann asked members to send any CVCLU-related photos from the past year to her.

9. The Board discussed Nominating Committee business.

· Possible candidates include Kelly Moran; Brian Bazile (Selika will contact), Ann Francis (Selika will contact), Teresa O’Halloran

· We should have 3 candidates (including Teresa)

· David will chair Nominating Committee if Teresa is running

10. Selika said that she will email a draft of recommended policy for transgender inmates (from Zoe Roberts at National Pride).

11. David made a motion to adjourn, Mildred seconded. The motion was approved without dissent, and the meeting adjourned at 6:39 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

David Shih

Secretary for the meeting