Board Meeting, Minutes - January 7th, 2018


Meeting of the CVCLU Board

Unitarian Universalist Church, 421 South Farwell St., Eau Claire

January 7, 2018

Present: Ann Heywood (chair), Mildred Larson, John Wiltrout, Paul Wagner, Anna Leffel, Teresa O’Halloran, Lindsey Brandrup, Selika Lawton

Absent: Kailee Berg, Mohammed Alasagherin, David Shih

1. Ann called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.

2. The board discussed the minutes of the board meeting of November 19. 2017, that were distributed by email.

· Corrections to the minutes include:

o Christopher Jorgensen is the contact for Pride student organization,

o The UWEC Activities Office is the contact for Blugold Organizations Bash,

o “annual meeting” shouldn’t be capitalized.

· Teresa made a motion to approve the minutes with corrections and Selika seconded. The motion was approved.

3. John presented the Treasurer’s report. The checking account has a balance of $949.74, and the savings account has a balance of $5.01.

4. Ann presented the State Board report.

5. The board took up the election of officers.

· Selika nominated Ann for president, Mildred seconded. The motion was approved.

· The board discussed dividing up the secretary position. Lindsey volunteered to take notes if someone will edit.

· Teresa O’Halloran was nominated for secretary with Lindsey to assist as note-taker. The motion was approved.

· The board discussed its appreciation for John’s work as treasurer.

· Teresa moved that John be appointed to the board and Mildred seconded. The motion was approved.

· Mildred nominated John for treasurer, and Teresa seconded. The motion was approved.

6. The board discussed old business.

· Selika will consider taking over for Ann as state board representative.

· The board discussed possibilities for a new student representative. Lindsey and Selika mentioned several potential students and they will follow up with them to ascertain their interest in the board.

· The board will invite Charlie Huff to meet with us about the Menomonie diversity policy.

· Ann will talk to Greg Kocken, UW-Eau Claire archivist, about redacting sensitive materials and other issues.

· The board established that Mildred, Paul, and John are the tabling committee.

· The board decided to have a table for the Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration at St. James Church on January 15, and discussed additional possibilities for tabling including Juneteenth, VFW, Pride, and Festival of the Pines, Volume One Summer Sounds, and Senior Americans Day.

7. New Business

· Paul created a history section on the CVCLU website.

· The board briefly discussed a problematic “interfaith” speaker who was at Calvary Baptist Church on November 30.

· Selika will contact Eric Kasper, and ask History and Political science students about setting up an ACLU student alliance. The board will contact Emilio De Torres from state ACLU once student interest is confirmed.

· The board discussed potential activities for the year, including Legal Observer training from state ACLU, support of voting rights through working with Chippewa Valley Votes, and repeating a social event like last year’s Beer and Bill of Rights.

· Mildred moved that the board commit to supporting the Chippewa Valley Votes, and Lindsey seconded. The motion passed. Lindsey and Anne will contact Bill from Chippewa Valley Votes.

· The board discussed a draft Eau Claire Area School District policy on school resource officers (the police officers assigned to local schools). Selika raised concerns that students’ rights may not be recognized in the draft policy.

· Selika moved that the board join with Uniting Bridges to hold a public discussion on the draft policy regarding school resource officers in March or April 2018. Lindsey seconded. The motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:07

Respectfully submitted by Selika Lawton/Teresa O’Halloran